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Knowledge Representation and Biomedical Applications
MEBI 550, Fall 2013

A 3-credit graduate course in Biomedical & Health Informatics

Instructor: John Gennari, 616-6641
Class location: Health Sciences T-478
Class times: Mon/Wed, 1:30pm -- 2:50pm
Office hours: By appointment

Course description:

What is a knowledge representation? Why are issues in knowledge representation important for biomedical informatics application builders? What is the relationship between knowledge and data, between knowledge bases and data bases? How do I build an ontology? How are ontologies and knoweldge representations used in the Semantic Web?

These are some of the questions we will pursue in this course. To address these questions, we'll begin by understanding what biomedical data are, both in clinical settings (e.g. medical records data) and in bio-informatics settings (e.g. genomic and molecular biology data). This will be a graduate-level, research-focused course, with readings both from the primary literature as well as selected chapters from several textbooks. A goal is to explore some of the foundational, theoretical issues, and understand how these affect choices made in current biomedical informatics applications.

See also the course objectives.

Students with Disabilities

To request academic accommodations due to a disability, please contact Disabled Student Services: 448 Schmitz, 206-543-8924 (V/TTY). If you have a letter from DSS indicating that you have a disability which requires academic accommodations, please present the letter to me so we can discuss the accommodations you might need in the class. Academic accommodations due to disability will not be made unless the student has a letter from DSS specifying the type and nature of accommodations needed.

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