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Ontology alignment: Connecting, or linking, or merging two related models of the world.

Ontology alignment for bioinformatics is a well-recognized need for modern researchers. Currently, there is a flood of "bio-ontologies" and databases that contain information about genes, gene sequence information, proteins, gene functions, pathway information, genetic diseases, phenotypes, etc., etc. This knowledge is all inter-related, and researchers would benefit if it were better connected.

If two groups of researchers choose to model overlapping domains, chances are they will choose to model the world in very different ways. For example, there is very little overlap between the Foundational Model of Anatomy (FMA) and the Galen project, two independent efforts (in Manchester, England and here in Seattle) that both aim to model human anatomy.

We focus on models of Anatomy, (and the FMA) as a central hub in a constellation of related biological ontologies (see Figure). Our challenge is to build linkages or mappings to related ontologies. We have three specific sub-projects:

Project lead: John Gennari
Students: Adam Silberfein, Xiang Li, Raven Travillian, Alan Au
Collaborators: Cornelius Rosse, Jesse Wiley, Peter Tarzcy-Hornoch

Last Updated:
Dec 30 '04