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Annual Conference in Chemical Biology
Hosted at the University of Washington’s
Pack Forest in Eatonville, WA

Volcano Conference Picture from 1991

Left: The first Volcano Conference in Chemical Biology was held in Feb. 1991 at Pack Forest. Attendees are standing in front of Pack Hall which houses the poster session and a variety of antique lumbering equipment used before the turn of the century.

In 1991, Prof. Steve Withers (Univ. of British Columbia) and Prof. M. Gelb put together a conference in bioorganic chemistry. This annual event is typically held on the last weekend in February or the first weekend in March, at Pack Forest, a rustic lumber camp just outside of Mt. Rainer National Park (hence the name Volcano Conference).

The conference is held annually in late February/early March and is attended by students, postdocs, and faculty from universities in the Pacific Northwest (US and Canada) (typically 100 people). A researcher from each lab gives a lecture on their research efforts, and there is a plenary lecture by a well known professor from a university outside of the Pacific Northwest and one by a scientist from chemical/biochemical industry. A poster session enables all conference attendees to present and discuss their research. Saturday afternoon is left open for cross country skiing at Paradise in Rainier National Park or other activities, and following the Saturday evening scientific session there is a game event in which faculty and postdocs take on graduate students.

For further information about Volcano Conference, contact Catherine Holliday.

Getting to Pack Forest

Cabins at Pack Forest

Above: Cabins at Pack Forest

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Past Plenary Speakers

1992: Dale Poulter
1993: Steve Benkovic
1994: Paul Bartlett
1995: John Kozarich
1996: Rafael Apitz-Castro
1997: Dagmar Ringe
1998: Olke Uhlenbeck
1999: Ben Liu
2000: Marv Caruthers
2001: Craig Townsend
2002: Carolyn Bertozzi
2003: Dave Cane
2004: Ben Cravatt
2005: Tadhg Begley
2006: Tom Muir
2007: Ronald Kluger
2008: Kevan Shokat
2009: Richard Silverman
2010: Vern Schramm
2011: Brad Moore
2012: David Baker
2013: Jim Stiver
2014: William Lubbell
2015: Carole Fierke
2016: Jim Wells
2017: Peter Schultz
2018: Steve Benner
2019: Jennifer Cochran
2020: Dan Herschlag

Next Year's Volcano Conference

Details have not yet been set for Volcano Conference 2021.

Contact Catherine Holliday for more information about next year's Volcano Conference.

Mount Rainier

Above: Mount Rainier

Volcano Conference Image from 2016

Above: Photo Taken at 25th Anniversary Volcano Conference in 2016