My research interest lies in the area of e-health and home-based patient-centered technologies. I am specifically interested in investigating the use of advanced information technologies to bridge geographic distance and improve health care delivery and education for older adults and patients with chronic conditions. I am studying the concept of home based telehealth, i.e., the use of advanced telecommunication technologies such as the Internet, videoconferencing and monitoring devices to enable patients at home to interact with care providers at a clinical site. I have studied the feasibility of implementing telehealth technology in home and hospice care. Furthermore, my research agenda focuses also on the concept of a “smart home”, i.e., a residence equipped with sensors and other devices that enhance safety and monitor the residents’ health conditions. I am particularly interested in the design as well as the evaluation of ambient assisted living applications. Within this context, I am interested in the social and clinical dimensions of the so-called area of “gerontechnology”, namely the use of information technology to support aging.

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