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Comparative biomechanics lab
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Comparative biomechanics lab home
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Friday Harbor Laboratories
Integrated Center for Marine Biomaterials and Ecomechanics

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Comparative Biomechanics Lab Facilities and Equipment

The Comparative Biomechanics Lab is part of the 484 acre Friday Harbor Marine Research Station complex located in the San Juan Islands about 70 miles north of Seattle, WA.

Friday Harbor Labs has a wide range of equipment available for use by students and researchers including access to a 58' research vessel capable of launching an ROV that operates at depths of 1000 feet.

In addition, the Comparative Biomechanics Lab maintains a suite of specialized equipment that supports our particular research interests including:

Adam Summers using the rapid prototyper as part of his biomechanics researchZ-Corp 310 rapid prototyper with post printing cleanup station. We usually use cyanoacrylate as a infiltrant but we have the appropriate equipment to use parafin or epoxy.

Tormach 4-axis mill with Alibris CAD and SprutCAM CAM software.

3-D visualization stations with Amira and Sketchup

Zeiss V20 Discovery fluorescence dissecting microscope with high sensitivity coor camera and image analysis software

Joel Scanning electron microscope and critical point drying system. This scope is antiquated, but it continues to function.

MTS Synergie material test stand. A leadscrew actuated load frame with 500N loadcell and 50gm loadcell. We also have an extensometer and several fixtures for testing in tension, compression and three point bending.

Tetra MUST Biotester for indentation tests and friction/scratch tests on very small samples. The resolution of this machine is in the mNewton range and samples can be as large as 3cm on a side.

Fastec Troubleshooter LE500 high speed video camera capable of 500 frames per second at 640x240 or 250fps at 640x480.

Fastec Highspec high speed video camera capable of 500fps at 1280x1024 and 1000 at 1280x512 pixels resolution.

Racetrack Flume with very low turbulence and excellent low speed capability. The working section is about 60x30x100cm and the highest speed is about 0.25m/sec.






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