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Integrated Center for Marine Biomaterials and Ecomechanics

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Study and Work at the Lab

We have a diverse group of students, both undergradaute and graduate, who are interested in a wide variety of topics in the general area of comparative biomechanics. In general my students are not working on projects directly related to my own lines of research, but instead develop their own area of expertise.

Friday Harbor Labs sponsors a comeptitive post-doctoral fellowship and I would welcome applications from recent graduates for this position. I am also happy to help porpective post-docs work on funding applications in areas of mutual interest.

I do have room in the lab, and teaching assistantship funding, if you are interested in coming to the lab as a graduate student. Before applying to UW please email me about your interests and include a CV and some prose that describes why you think my lab is the right place for you. It is really important that before you apply you examine the realities of graduate student life in a lab in teh San Juan Islands. We are far enough from Seattle that regular trips back and forth are a burden, so be sure you are comfortable living in a small island community for several years.

Undergraduate research in my labs is alive and well. I have some funding to sponsor undergraduates who wish to live at the labs and work on a project. It is improtant that prospective students contact me about their interest and make it clear why they would like to work here. The initial email contact should include a curriculum vitae and a statement of interest that covers your areas of expertise.

Discovering Biomechanics

In a recent interview with the Elements of Humanity project sponsored by Make Magazine and Dow Chemical, Adam discusses how he learned that such a field as biomechanics existed and why his is the greatest job in the world.






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