How to Use This Web Instruction Manual

The goal of this web instruction manual is to enable you to do apply numerical methods to solve mathematical models faster, better, and cheaper. You can solve them faster, because the icons take you right to example code. You can solve them better because different problems sometimes require different methods, and they are all included. The format - web lessons on a CD or installed on a server - is cheaper than buying a whole book, only part of which you would use.

Navigation Tools. There are three ways you can navigate. If you click on one of the icons along the top, you are taken directly to a web page illustrating how to solve a problem of that type using Matlab. If you prefer a more linear approach, you can click on one of the chapter headings on the left. Then the sections in that chapter will appear, along with an introductory page for the chapter. Finally, you can choose the map icon and get a listing of all the material.

Matlab Code. You can cut and paste the Matlab code into an m-file and run the problem. As versions of Matlab change, you may have to make minor changes in the code. Long code appears in pop-up windows.

References. Click on a reference symbol and a pop-up window will give you the complete details. (Sorry - this feature isn't yet available.)

Take Home Lessons. Most sections have a Take Home Lesson - in big, red letters at the end. This summarizes what the author thinks is particularly important for you to remember.

Future Enhancements. In future versions, there will be problems, quizes, related URLs, the Author's Perspective, and Historical Comments.

Take Home Message: To save yourself time, learn to use the Navigation Tools: icons, chapter headings, and the map.