Corrections to Chapter 3, Perry's Chemical Engineering Handbook, Seventh Edition

(These are corrections that were indicated on the page proofs but not implemented.)

December 9, 1997, Bruce A. Finlayson
p. 3-4, Ref. 96 should be Clarendon not Charendon
p. 3-4, Ref. 102 should be algebra not alegebra
p. 3-4, Ref. 105 should be Finlayson, B. A., not Finlayson, B.
p. 3-5, Ref. 154 should be to page 709, not page 704
p. 3-29, rt. col., line 6b, When not when
p. 3-30, rt. col., lines 11 and 12, xb - xa not xb - xa
p. 3-38, left col., line 8, l.c. p
p. 3-45, Table 3.1, e-bt cos at has Laplace transform ((s2+a2)1/2 - s)n
p. 3-46, Table 3.3, title should be Fourier Cosine Transform, not Fourier Transform
p. 3-51, left col., line 14, denominator, middle term is
p. 3-51, left col., take out the 4 lines: Numerical Solution of Simultaneous Nonlinear Equations
p. 3-57, left col., line 12b and 13b should read
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p. 3-83, rt. col., line 15 should be Q > 0.1 rather than P > 0.1.

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