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Assignments and Grading/Course

Policies Assignments and Grading

Note: I may modify the weighting of the course assignments and add a limited number of extra readings and written assignments.

Project #1 (Radiation Label) - 8% for Beta version and 17% for final version = 25%

Project #2 (Design Patterns) - 8% for Beta version and 17% for final version = 25%

Project #3 – (Student-Defined Project) - 8% for Beta version and 17% for final version = 25%

Comprehensive exam = 25%

Radiation label. You will design a consumer-information label indicating risks from radiation in beef products following a regional nuclear war.

Design patterns. You will research, design, write, and hyperlink two design patterns for a pattern library on consumer information graphics.

Student-defined project. In conjunction with the instructors you will define and carry out an information-design project that accords with your own interests.

The comprehensive exam. This 90-minute short-essay exam will cover all course readings and class discussion (but not GoPost conversation) up until the exam date. The exam will require both recall and synthesisis of ideas.

Other activities. There is no grade for class participation, but I may raise the final grade of students whose class participation and GoPost contributions are outstanding. Each student is required to contribute a weekly post to GoPost, excluding purely social posts (which are encouraged). Failure to post weekly to GoPost will result in a deduction from the course grade.

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Course Policies

Academic Integrity

Students are expected to work independently unless other instructions are given. Consult with the instructor if you think your work plan might constitute plagiarism. You should also acquaint yourself with the HCDE Plagiarism Policy.

Student Rights

Please read the HCDE statement on student rights.

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