Publication Quality Graphics

The publication quality graphics routines are activated by calling the library pgraph.

Graph Types

The Publication Quality Graphics system allows the user the ability to generate graphs for analysis and/or publication. It provides a complete windowing system for plotting multiple graphs on one page. The following graph types are supported:

   XY          Graph X,Y using cartesian coordinate system
   LOGX        Graph X,Y using logarithmic X axis
   LOGY        Graph X,Y using logarithmic Y axis
   LOGLOG      Graph X,Y using logarithmic X and Y axes
   BAR         Generate bar graph
   HIST        Compute and graph frequency histogram
   HISTF       Graph a histogram given a vector of frequency counts
   HISTP       Graph a percent frequency histogram of a vector
   BOX         Graph data using the box graph percentile method
   XYZ         Graph X, Y, Z using 3D cartesian coordinate system
   SURFACE     Graph a 3D surface
   CONTOUR     Graph contour data
   DRAW        Supply additional graphic elements to graphs

Axes Control and Scaling

   _paxes         Turn axes on or off
   _pcrop         Control cropping of graphics data outside axes area
   _pcross        Controls where axes intersect
   _pframe        Draw a frame around 2D, 3D plots
   _pgrid         Control major and minor grid lines
   _pxpmax        Control precision of numbers on X axis
   _pypmax        Control precision of numbers on Y axis
   _pzpmax        Control precision of numbers on Z axis
   _pxsci         Control use of scientific notation on X axis
   _pysci         Control use of scientific notation on Y axis
   _pzsci         Control use of scientific notation on Z axis
   _pticout       Control direction of tic marks on axes
   SCALE          Scale X,Y axes on 2-D plots
   SCALE3D        Scale X,Y,Z axes for 3-D plots
   XTICS          Scale X axis and control tic marks
   YTICS          Scale Y axis and control tic marks
   ZTICS          Scale Z axis and control tic marks

Text, Labels, Titles, and Fonts

   _plegctl       Set location and size of plot legend
   _plegstr       Specify legend text entries
   _paxht         Control size of axes labels
   _pnumht        Control size of axes numbering
   _pnum          Axes number control and orientation
   _pdate         Date string contents and control
   _ptitlht       Control title size
   XLABEL         X axis label
   YLABEL         Y axis label
   ZLABEL         Z axis label
   TITLE          Specify main title for graph
   ASCLABEL       Define character labels for tic marks
   FONTS          Load fonts for labels, titles, messages and legend
   VIEW           Set 3D observer position in workbox units
   VIEWXYZ        Set 3D observer position in plot coordinates
   VOLUME         Sets length, width, and height ratios of 3D workbox

Main Curve Lines and Symbols

   _pboxctl       Control box plots
   _plctrl        Control main curve and data symbols
   _pcolor        Control line color for main curves
   _pltype        Control line style for main curves
   _plwidth       Control line thickness for main curves
   _pstype        Control symbol type
   _psymsiz       Control symbol size
   _pzclr         Z level color control for CONTOUR and 3D graphs

Extra Messages, Symbols, Lines, Circles, Arrows, and Error Bars

   _parrow        Create arrows
   _parrow3       Create arrows for 3d graphs
   _pline         Plot extra lines and circles
   _pline3d       Plot extra lines for 3d graphs
   _psym          Plot extra symbols
   _psym3d        Plot extra symbols for 3d graphs
   _perrbar       Plot error bars
   _pmsgctl       Control position of message text
   _pmsgstr       Specify additional message text

Windows, Page, and Plot Control

   _pagesiz       Control size of graph for printer output
   _pageshf       Shift the graph for printer output
   _pbox          Draw a box (frame) around window using color
   _plotsiz       Control plot area size
   _plotshf       Control plot area position
   _protate       Rotate the graph 90 degrees
   AXMARGIN       Control of axes margins (axes lengths)
   MARGIN         Control graph margins
   BEGWIND        Window initialization procedure
   ENDWIND        End window manipulation, display graphs
   WINDOW         Create tiled windows of equal size
   MAKEWIND       Create window with specified size and position
   SETWIND        Set to specified window number
   NEXTWIND       Set to next available window number
   GETWIND        Get current window number
   SAVEWIN        Save window configuration to a file
   LOADWIN        Load a window configuration from a file

Output options

   _pnotify       Control interactive "draft" mode
   _pscreen       Control graphics output to screen
   _psilent       Control final beep
   _pzoom         Specify zoom parameters
   _ptek          Name of graphics .TKF file
   _pqgedit       Interactive mouse-driven graphics editor (optional)
   GRAPHPRT       Generate print or conversion file

Line Types

                  1  Dashed              4 Fine Dots
                  2  Dots                5 Dots and Dashes
                  3  Short Dashes        6 Solid

Symbol Types

                  1 - Circle             8 - Solid Circle
                  2 - Square             9 - Solid Square
                  3 - Triangle          10 - Solid Triangle
                  4 - Plus              11 - Solid Plus
                  5 - Diamond           12 - Solid Diamond
                  6 - Inverted Triangle 13 - Solid Inverted Triangle
                  7 - Star              14 - Solid Star

Color Values

                  0 - Black              8 - Dark Grey
                  1 - Blue               9 - Light Blue
                  2 - Green             10 - Light Green
                  3 - Cyan              11 - Light Cyan
                  4 - Red               12 - Light Red
                  5 - Magenta           13 - Light Magenta
                  6 - Brown             14 - Yellow
                  7 - Grey              15 - White