The following activities are designed to help you with proper sentence construction. The key issues addressed in these activities are: (a) run-on sentences; (b) fragments; ( c) parallel structure; (d) subject-verb agreement; and (e) pronoun reference agreement.

For each of the examples below, answer the following questions: (1) Is the sentence grammatically correct? (2) If not, what is wrong with the sentence? Identify the key problem(s) with the sentence; (3) How would you re-write the sentence to improve its key problem(s)? Write your own sentence that corrects the problem(s) you identified.

1. The businessman was held in high regard by the high school students. Because he donated money for recreational equipment.

2. After I studied all night. I fell asleep.

3. He was known for something odd. Eating at all hours of the night.

4. Playing their favorite albums at full volume.

5. Watching the sun rise.

6. The car was quite expensive. Even though it was on sale.

7. Even though we waded through four feet of water.

8. If a person knows the warning signs of suicide they will be able to prevent it.

9. Most of my frozen food are frost damaged.

10. John and his twin brothers is one of my favorite people.

11. Detail-oriented people often selects good cars.

12. Extreme warnings about earthquakes frightens him.

13. Tragic photographs are often shown in newspapers.

14. The average college graduate will change their careers seven times in their lifetime.

15. Everyone should check their ticket before taking their seat.

16. A person who is serious about their health should not smoke.

17. They took their umbrellas with them to Seattle because you never know when it might rain there.

18. The typical violent offender will be wearing odd clothes, carrying some kind of weapon, walking alone, and has problems with anger management.

19. Many of the articles I reviewed suggests a strict policy against use of the Internet by employees.

20. According to information from the Bureau of Justice Statistics, a branch of the United States Justice Department. Teenagers are at serious risk of being robbed or attacked.

21. George Washington was not the first president of the United States, the first president was John Hanson, who was elected by the Continental Congress to serve for one year.

22. If a person could travel at the speed of light, they could reach the sun in about eight minutes.

23. The North Pole has only one sunrise and one sunset each year, the sun rises on March 21 and sets on September 21.

24. A person's feet can expand as much as five percent during an average day therefore, it is best to shop for shoes in the afternoon or evening.

25. Close your eyes I want to surprise you.

26. Professor Nelson, as well as his students, were pleased with the test results.

27. The father and his child has gone to the store.

28. One of the lakes in Idaho are stocked with trout every year.

29. Brad and Kelly exercise every day.

30. Each brother, sister and parent have the right to express their opinions.

31. There is now four major television networks.

32. Everyone live through difficult experiences.

33. The group's members have gone their separate ways.

34. If a person wants to be successful, they must work hard to achieve their goals.

35. The governor's staff have parked their cars in an illegal zone.

36. I want you to come with me, I want us to ride on the plane together.

37. I can tell you about the problem, how it started and what we did after it became serious and we were forced to take action.

38. The pilot told us the plane would be crowed, would be delayed, and the people on board would be wealthy.

39. A friend is someone who can keep secrets, offer support, and isn't afraid to give their real opinion.

40. Two of the best reasons to travel are the opportunity for meeting new people and to see new places.

41. When more consumers begin demanding better products and if manufacturers produced higher quality merchandise, people would be more satisfied with their purchases.

42. Deciding to go on a diet is easy, to follow the diet is difficult.

43. In order to go to the football game, people stood in line for hours and were willing to pay high prices.

44. Most advertisements are targeted to one population. The "baby boom" generation.

45. Colleges must evaluate the academic records of their athletes. For two primary reasons.

46. I had a difficult time understanding the information, remembering the information, and it was hard to discuss it.

47. Registering for college is often frustrating, bewildering, and there is usually a lot of confusion.

48. The benefits of living in a small town include friendly people, minimal traffic, and lifestyle that is easygoing.

49. The legal drinking age should be 21, that is when adulthood begins.

50. Even though the movie Casablanca was made in 1942, it remains popular today for one reason, it is a true love story.