Curriculum Vitae

Academic Appointment:

Professor Emeritus
The Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies
University of Washington


B.A., Philosophy, University of California, Los Angeles, 1960
M.A., English Literature, Columbia University, 1962
Ph.D., Comparative Literature, Columbia University, 1965

Principal Administrative activities:

Chairman, Comparative Religion Program, 1973-85
College Council, College of Arts and Sciences, 1976-79, Spring 1987
Faculty Senate, 1984
Acting Chairman, Department of Romance Languages and Literature, 1985-86
Steering Committee, Comparative History of Ideas, 1978-2000.
Executive Committee, Ph.D. Program in Literary Theory, 1990-93
Executive Committee, Comparative Literature Department,1990-93
Chairman, European Studies Program, 1994-98
Associate Director, Jackson School of International Studies, 1997-2000
Board member and Executive Committee, Institute for Ecumenical Theological Studies, School of Theology and Ministry, Seattle University, 2000-2008

Selected Courses taught at UW

RELIG 201 Introduction to World Religions: Western Traditions
RELIG 301 Religious Thought Since the Middle Ages
RELIG 327 Eastern Christian Traditions
RELIG 380 The Nature of Religion and Its Study
RELIG 428 Modern Christian Theology
RELIG 502 Religion In Comparative Perspective
RELIG 528 Christian Theology
RELIG 570/C LIT 502 Religion and Literature
EURO 301 Europe Today
EURO 491 Senior Seminar
SIS 302 Intercultural Relations
CLIT 440 The European Novel
CLIT 570 The Novel
CLIT 596 The Symbolist Movement


In Search of the Triune God: The Christian Paths of East and West (Columbia, MO: University of Missouri Press, 2014).

Worldview and Mind: Religious Thought and Psychological Development (Columbia, MO: University of Missouri Press, 2009).

The Self Between: From Freud to the New Social Psychology of France (Seattle and London: University of Washington Press, 1993)

Philosophers of Consciousness: Polanyi, Lonergan, Voegelin, Ricoeur, Girard, Kierkegaard (Seattle and London: University of Washington Press, 1988).

Eric Voegelin: Philosopher of History (Seattle and London: University of Washington Press, 1981).

The Dark Dove: The Sacred and Secular in Modern Literature (Seattle and London: University of Washington Press, 1975).

The Plays of Samuel Beckett (Seattle: University of Washington Press; London: Peter Owen, 1972).

Samuel Beckett: A Study of His Novels (Seattle: University of Washington Press; London: Peter Owen, 1970).


Jean-Michel Oughourlian, The Puppet of Desire: The Psychology of Hysteria, Possession, and Hypnosis, translated with an introduction by Eugene Webb (Stanford: Stanford University Press, 1991).

Jean-Michel Oughourlian. The Genesis of Desire, translated by Eugene Webb (East Lansing: Michigan State University Press, 2010).

Selected articles and essays:

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