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                    Director Elizabeth Simmons-O'Neill

"CLP has opened my eyes to issues I have never really thought about, and given me a new way of viewing issues in education.  I feel like I am a better informed citizen after taking this class."  -- CLP student

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Elizabeth Simmons-O'Neill
Community Literacy Program

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Orientation and Training 

Initial orientation for working with children is supplemented by training at the programs where students volunteer, through Community Literacy Program readings, workshops and curriculum, through ongoing mentoring by classroom teachers,  and through optional focus workshops offered through the UW Pipeline and Seattle All-City Tutor Trainings.

Throughout the quarter, CLP students have access to online resources for tutoring, and work closely with UW's Education Librarian to locate curriculum and research resources.  The CLP curriculum features ongoing discussion and problem-solving during class meetings, individual discussions with the instructor, and ongoing mentoring by the CLP Head Tutors both in class and at the CLP partner schools.

"The effect volunteering has had on me is tremendous.  I am now sure that I want to be an elementary school teacher.  I have learned a lot about one-on-one tutoring and how to teach basic math.  The kids I work with benefit because they get more one-on-one help and someone who is interested in them and in what they are doing."--CLP Student,
Junior, English and Math

  “Before I had all these ideas, but they just rested uselessly in me.  I felt I couldn’t enact any change.  Now I feel I – or anyone – can help change the world in our communities.”   -- CLP Student

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