This NSF funded project started in the summer of 2010 and is run with my long-term collaborator, Richard Wright of Dartmouth College.   The project is trying to answer three research questions:  How do immigrants – as both new arrivals from abroad and as internal migrants - respond to the pull of enclaves of co-nationals and the geography of employment opportunities? How do individual and group characteristics affect these responses to enclaves and labor markets?  And, crosscutting these first two questions, are the responses to enclaves and markets – and their mediation by individuals and groups - different in the current economic hard times from what occurred in the generally prosperous era of the 1990s?


This Russell Sage Foundation and NSF funded project is run with Steven Holloway of the University of Georgia and Richard Wright of Dartmouth College.  This research investigates the neighborhood geographies of mixed-race households in US metropolitan areas using the restricted access one-in-six samples of the 1990 and 2000 US Census and publicly released census data from 1990-2010.  For more information go to