Mike Babb, PhD Student, Geographies of Census Imputation and Missing Data

Lee Fiorio, MA Student,

Rebecca Stubbs. MA Student

Matt Townley, PhD Student, Spatial Dimensions of the Rise in US Obesity



Population geography influenced by theoretical debates in economic, urban, and political geography and linked to policy questions that have a spatial population angle best describes what I do.  Beyond geography, my interests generally align with the sub-field of spatial demography, which includes population researchers from many social science and health disciplines who are interested in measuring spatial effects on a wide range of population processes and outcomes.  I welcome applications from students interested in pursuing any type of population research from any spatial perspective, but especially those who want to work on projects aligned with my expertise in US immigration, US internal migration, residential segregation, and US local labor markets and employment geographies.  I am open to all methods and approaches to research but the sorts of questions I am most interested in usually require the statistical analysis of large sample geocoded surveys.   If this sounds interesting to you – the projects and the methods – then I encourage you to search for and read some of my recent papers and get in touch.