Linguistics 575A: Reading questions for semantic representation systems

  1. How does it do quantification? Does it underspecify scope?
  2. What does it say about the appropriate semantic representation for NPs? Do all NPs get the same (type of) representation?
  3. What claims are made about the crosslinguistic applicability/universality of the systems? On what basis are these claims made?
  4. What relation (if any) does it have to the predicate calculus, and how does it differ?
  5. What are the core phenomena that it's built around? What problems is it trying to solve, and how does it solve them?
  6. Where does it draw the semantics/pragmatics boundary?
  7. How does it deal with illocutionary force?
  8. Can it be used for calculating inference/logical entailment?
  9. What is the intended connection between syntax and semantics? What flavor of compositionality is expected?

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