Selected Publications and Working Papers

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1. Books and Journal Issues

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Society and Environment: Research Methods and Design, ed. Ismael Vaccaro,  Eric A. Smith, and Shankar Aswani.  Cambridge University Press (2010).

2. Articles and Chapters

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3. Working papers or in press

Ross, Cody T. et al., Reproductive inequality in humans and other mammals. Under revision.

Schruth, David M., Christopher N. Templeton, Darryl J. Holman, and Eric A. Smith, The evolution of musicality in primates. Under revision.

Smith, Eric Alden and Brian J. Codding. Hierarchy and inequality in Native California and Northwest Coast societies: A critical review. Manuscript

Smith, Eric Alden, Siobhán C. Mattison, and Robert J. DiNapoli (in press) Institutionalized inequality in small-scale societies. In Organizational Complexity and Institutional Dynamics: Diversification, Complexification, Collapse, and Progress, ed. Jenna Bednar, Thomas Currie, Sergey Gavrilets, Peter J. Richerson, and John Wallis.

Smith, Eric Alden and Lynette Shaw. Ecological and demographic factors shaping the emergence of patron-client systems. Manuscript.

Smith, Eric Alden and Bruce Winterhalder (in press) Foreword: Reflections on five decades of human behavioral ecology. In Human Behavioral Ecology, ed. by Jeremy Koster, Brooke Scelza and Mary Shenk. Cambridge U Press.

The Evolutionary Ecology of Inequality (journal issue). Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B, in preparation (to appear in 2023). Eric A. Smith, Jennifer E. Smith, and Brian F. Codding, eds.

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