Daniela M. Witten

September 2015: Faculty Friday [article]

August 2015: Our book won the Technometrics Ziegel Award at JSM!

August 2015: Congrats to Kean Ming Tan for graduating. Next stop: a post-doc at Princeton with Han Liu. We will miss him!

June 2015: Congrats to Kean Ming Tan for winning the UW Biostat Senior Student Award!

August 2015: Congrats to Ashley Petersen for winning a JSM Student Paper Award from the ASA Nonparametrics Section!

July 2015: Daniela and Ali Shojaie ran UW's first annual Summer Institute in Statistics for Big Data!

June 2015: Article in Northwest Public Health Magazine [article]

Winter/Spring 2015: Congrats to Ashley Petersen, Kean Ming Tan, and Shizhe Chen for passing their generals. Rock stars!!

January 2015: Article in Biomedical Computation Review [article]

September 2014: Article in AMSTAT Magazine [article]

September 2014: ISLR MOOC is on YouTube. Daniela is in Chapter 6 . . . [videos]

September 2014: NIH BD2K R25 to run a new Summer Institute in Statistics for Big Data! [AMSTAT news article]

June 2014: Congratulations to Ashley Petersen -- she won 2nd place in the WNAR student paper competition (written).

June 2014: Congratulations to Kean Ming Tan -- he won 2nd place in the WNAR student paper competition (oral).

June 2014: Congratulations to Arie Voorman for graduating and for winning the Outstanding PhD Student Award!

March 2014: AAAS blog post on Big Data [article]

February 2014: NIH Director's Blog [article]

January 2014: Interview with KUOW Radio [interview]

January 2014: Forbes Magazine's "30 under 30" [article] [UW Newsbeat] [ASA] [ Stanford Magazine]

October 2013: Daniela is featured in the "Innovators" exhibit in the Bezos Center for Innovation at MOHAI!

October 2013: Daniela is a 2013 PopTech Science Fellow! [website]

September 2013: Four Peaks TV [watch]

August 2013: Congratulations to Arie Voorman for passing his general exam, and winning a David Byar Travel Award!

August 2013: Daniela's book with Gareth James, Rob Tibshirani, and Trevor Hastie is finally out! Order on Amazon!

May 2013: Daniela is awarded an NSF CAREER Award for Flexible Network Estimation from High-Dimensional Data!

February 2013: Sloan Research Fellowship [uw today] [nytimes]

January 2013: Daniela, Maryam Fazel, and Su-In Lee are awarded a Royalty Research Fellowship!

December 2012: Forbes Magazine's "30 under 30" [article] [Francis Collins' blog] [uw today]

September 2012: Article in Columns, the UW alumni magazine [article]

September 2012: TEDxUofW [video]

August 2012: Article in IEEE Intelligent Systems [article]

August 2012: Article in the German newspaper Handelsblatt [article]

July 2012: Elle Magazine's "2012 Genius Awards" [article]

May 2012: "The Innovation Generation: 30 fresh thinkers" [article]

April 2012: "10 Scientists Rocking Our World" [article]

May 2012: Cancer Discovery: "The Right Roadmap for Personalized Tests" [article]

March 2012: Institute of Medicine Report [info] [read it] [coverage in nature] [coverage in science]

December 2011: Forbes Magazine's "30 under 30" [article] [screenshot] [interview]

December 2011: UW Daily News: "Young Wonders" [article]

October 2011: Interview with Simply Statistics [interview]

September 2011: NIH Director's Early Independence Award [nih] [coverage in nature] [photo with Francis Collins]

August 2011: Byar Young Investigator Award [article]