Additional resources for exploring the history connected with "An Automobile, a Bloodstained Uniform, and a Couch"

Austria, the Habsburg Empire and World War I:

To learn about Austria and its history, a comprehensive country study guide compiled by staff at the Library of Congress. A detailed Table of Contents leads to text-only web pages.

Also, on the history of Habsburg Empire and modern Austria:

A short reference encyclopedia for Austria, which allows one to search for information on historic figures, etc.:

Very informative web page by Micheal Shackelford on the Sarajevo assassination in 1914. Includes information on the Black Hand organization and the individual members of the group who were directly implicated in the assassination.

The centenary of the Sarajevo assassination and the beginning of World War I ("The Great War") has produced a great many articles, commemorative events, etc., with many different perspectives. I cannot begin to list here all the possible resources you might consult (do your own search), but a sensible introduction to some of the issues by one of the senior and most thoughtful New York Times correspondents, John F. Burns, is "In Sarajevo, Divisions that Drove an Assassin Have Only Begun to Heal". The article includes photos and a link the the NYT archive copy of the issues of the newspaper that reported the assassination in 1914.

An excellent starting point for locating material on the internet about World War I is in the Internet Modern History Sourcebook:

History of Vienna:

Good pages on the history of Vienna, on official website of Vienna City Administration.

Vienna museums and arts:

Website of the Military History Museum.
Its virtual rour lets one pan around each hall. Click here for the room devoted to the Sarajevo assassination.

Art History Museum in Vienna:

Vienna 1900
Web portal for a variety of resources on cultural history of Vienna ca. 1900 in the period when it was one of the European centers of Arts Nouveaux.

Various pages on important buildings in Vienna:

St. Stephen Cathedral
(In German)
Under Architektur (Architecture), has a nice interactive map which allows one to bring up details of the various parts of the building.

The official website for the Schoenbrunn palace: The website includes right now a "Virtual Journey to the Time of the First World War".

The Belvedere Palace


One of the best sources for historical maps of Europe is the University of Texas Perry-Castaņeda Library collection. For the section of historical maps of Europe:

For a map of the Habsburg Empire in 1895, which allows one to bring up detailed segments of the various parts:

Map showing distribution of nationalities in Habsburg Empire:

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