Course Syllabi

1.  History.

Medieval and Early Modern Russia and Ukraine (D. Waugh, University of Washington, Seattle).  This is an upper division lecture/discussion course, intended primarily for undergraduates but open to graduate students.  Note that most of the extensive materials on the Web linked to the syllabus are password-controlled, as are the student electronic discussion pages.   The syllabus is for Autumn Quarter 2004 and is now "archival" in the sense that I am not expecting to teach the course again and update the material in the syllabus.

2.  Literature.

For an overlapping syllabus with that above (the two courses were taught simultaneously), but one intended for students studying Early Russian literature and culture on an introductory level, see my "Russian Literature and Culture to ca. 1700." As with the history course, this is now archival, since I am no longer teaching the course.

2006 Daniel C. Waugh
Last updated March 29, 2006.