Map Quiz

You should have purchased two sets of the required outline maps at the bookstore. Use one for practice (you may wish to make some xeroxes first to have additional copies to mark up) and keep one clean for bringing to class on Wednesday, January 19, for the map quiz. It will take place at the beginning of class that day.

Your principal resource for maps for study and reference purposes is the Silk Road Atlas on the Silk Road Seattle website. The opening page contains links to a wide range of maps and at the bottom annotated links to other map resources. Some additional maps are found in your course materials pages under password control.

For the list of items for which you are responsible for the map quiz, go to the Interactive Map Exercises page (a button at the top of the atlas page), where the full list of the place names on those maps is to be found linked next to the buttons for the various maps. Your responsibility is for all the items in all the categories except the detailed Tarim Basin map. Note that there is some overlap from map to map.

For the Tarim basin, you should be able to locate the geographic features (they are on the other lists) and the following towns or historic sites: Anxi, Dunhuang, Kashgar, Khotan, Loulan, Miran, Turfan.

In addition to the items on the interactive maps, you are responsible for the following historic entities and regions (note: borders at greatest extent). Note that in a couple of cases (Rome, Abbasid Caliphate) the western parts of the empires do not fit on your maps--your concern is with the borders in the East.

Han China T'ang China Roman Empire Kushan Empire
Gandhara Sassanian Empire Samanid State Abbasid Caliphate
Mongol Empire Empire of Tamerlane Mughal Empire Safavid Empire

To study for the map quiz, you might first use the various map resources to fill in all the items on your list on your practice map. Then, for reinforcement, you can use the interactive map exercises as a way of testing your knowledge and practicing items that give you particular problems. Unfortunately we have not yet figured out the technology of representing the historic borders on an interactive map in cases where those borders overlap, but most of the items for which you are responsible can be practiced interactively on-line.