Glacial history (paleoglaciology)

Soft sediment 'flame' structures in glacial outwash sediments, Calvert Island, BC, Canada
Collecting radiocarbon samples from buried tree stumps, Sherman Glacier, Alaska

Glaciers are sensitive to changes in climate, but even adjacent glaciers can respond differently to climatic forcing. Together with several international colleagues, I am working at several sites in British Columbia, Yukon, and Alaska to unravel the glacial histories of the areas based on radiocarbon dating of tree stumps, stratigraphic mapping, optically stimulated luminescence dating, and GIS-based hydrological modeling.


Eamer, J.B.R., Shugar, D.H., Walker, I.J., Lian, O.B., Neudorf, C.M., and Telka, A.M. 2017A glacial re-advance during retreat of the Cordilleran Ice Sheet, British Columbia central coastQuaternary Research, 87: 468-481