Water Sediment Hazards and Earth-surface Dynamics (waterSHED)


Explore some of the ongoing and past research conducted by waterSHEDlab members
River piracy and glaciers, Yukon
Tsunamigenic landslides, Alaska
Supraglacial landslides, Alaska
Glacial lake hazards
Nepal earthquake
Postglacial sea levels, Pacific Northwest
Glacier reconstructions (paleoglaciology)
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Water, Sediment, Hazards, and Earth-surface Dynamics Laboratory

waterSHEDlab is a research and teaching lab at the University of Washington Tacoma focused on a better understanding of contemporary issues in geomorphology and Earth surface processes, including in fluvial, lacustrine, alpine, glacial and coastal environments. We use a combination of field methods, remote sensing and GIS, in our research efforts. NOTE THAT IN JANUARY 2019 I WILL BE MOVING TO THE UNIVERSITY OF CALGARY DANIEL.SHUGAR@UCALGARY.CA


Dan H. Shugar, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Dan is Assistant Professor of Geoscience at the University of Washington Tacoma and directs the waterSHEDlab.
Aaron Burr
Research Assistant
Aaron graduated from UWT with a BS in Environmental Science, and also completed our GIS certificate. He is mapping glacial lakes High Mountain Asia using Google Earth Engine and ArcGIS Pro.
Doug Bonno
Undergraduate research assistant
Doug is completing his BS in Environmental Science. He is working on a multibeam survey of a submarine landslide in southeast Alaska.
Katie Kennedy
Undergraduate research assistant
Katie is completing her BS in Environmental Science at UWT. She loves environmental sciences because “its such a broad discipline, and lot of the hot button issues are addressed and investigated”.
Kelby Faulk
Undergraduate research assistant
Kelby is the newest waterSHEDlab member. He is putting his computer science skills to work mapping river change using Google Earth Engine.
Potential graduate and undergraduate research students are welcome to enquire about positions. Funded positions will be advertised in the News section.

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