Anth 469 Envir 450, 2002 Quarter
Special Topics: Cultures and Politics of Environmental Justice


Course description

Comparative survey of environmental justice movements in the United States and the world with a focus on critical studies of environmental racism and sustainable development. Provides students with theoretical knowledge and an introduction to research methods incorporating the study of equity issues in environmental impact and risk assessment.

Course Requirements

1. Book review. Each student must select a book on environmental justice and write a 7 to 10-page review essay. See Handout #1 for instructions. 30 points.

2. Policy paper. Each student must research and write a 10 to 15-page “policy position” paper on an issue related to the Second National People of Color Environmental Leadership Summit. See Handout #2 for instructions. 60 points.

3. Discussion questions. Each student must submit a minimum of ten discussion questions related to the readings to the course email list server. 10 points.

4. Attendance and participation. While attendance will not be kept, it is important that each student attends class regularly and participates in class discussions. Participation can increase your grade if you are on the borderline.

Course Textbooks

1. Adamson, Joni, et al., ed. 2002. The environmental justice reader: Politics, poetics, pedagogy. Tucson: University of Arizona Press.

2. Bullard, Robert D. 1993. Confronting environmental racism: Voices from the grassroots. Boston: South End Press.

3. Faber, Daniel, ed. 1998. The struggle for ecological democracy: Movements for environmental justice in the United States. New York: Guilford Press.

4. Pulido, Laura. 1996. Environmentalism and economic justice: Two Chicano struggles in the Southwest. Tucson: University of Arizona Press.

5. Rechtschaffen, Clifford and Eileen Gauna. 2002. Environmental justice: Law, policy, and regulation. Durham: Carolina Academic Press.

Additional readings will be provided through electronic reserve (ER).

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