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Mike received a B.S. in Civil Engineering (2001) and M.S. in Environmental Engineering (2003) from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (2008), and was a postdoctoral fellow in the Environmental Engineering Program of Yale University (2008-2009) prior to beginning his appointment at the UW in 2009. His education and professional background are in civil and environmental engineering - specifically in the areas of drinking water and wastewater treatment. Outside of work, Mike enjoys hiking, snowshoeing, skiing, and Scuba diving, as well as great food and strong coffee.

Michael Dodd - PI                                                                             (Click here for CV)

Project: Characterizing the kinetics and mechanisms of waterborne pathogen inactivation during sunlight-driven photochemical activation of aqueous free chlorine

Peiran received his B.S. in Environmental Engineering from Sichuan University (2010), and his M.S. in Environmental Engineering from the UW (2012). His research interests include water quality and public health. His current research involves using sunlight to generate reactive oxygen species during the photolysis of free chlorine as a simple, low-cost means of improving inactivation of chlorine-resistant microorganisms during water disinfection. In his spare time, Peiran enjoys watching movies, hiking, traveling, and hanging out with his family and dogs.

Peiran Zhou - Doctoral Student

Tessora Young - Doctoral Student

Project: Optimizing sunlight-driven chlorine activation for simultaneous enhancement of pathogen

inactivation and minimization of disinfection by-product formation

Before coming to the University of Washington, Tess received her Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Utah (2014). While at the University of Utah, she became involved with mercury air pollution research and conducted a summer of water quality research at Clarkson University. Her research interests center on water chemistry and water quality applications. In her spare time, Tess enjoys skiing, ultimate frisbee, mountain biking, and running.

Project: Evaluation of factors influencing trihalomethane and haloacetic acid formation during photolysis of chlorine in the presence of dissolved organic matter

Background: Junior, UW-CEE

Alan Guo - Undergraduate Student

Project: Characterizing the degradation and deactivation of bacterial antibiotic resistance

genes during water and healthcare disinfection

Huan received her B.S. in Water Supply and Wastewater Engineering (2011) and M.S. in Municipal Engineering from Tongji University (2014). Her previous work focused on water purification projects in the Tai Lake Basin and assimilable organic carbon formation during ozonation of drinking water. She is particularly interested in emerging water contaminants and applications of aquatic chemistry and microbiology for protection of water quality. In her free time, Huan enjoys watching films, photography, playing piano, and traveling with friends. 

Huan He - Doctoral Student

Project: Quantification of disinfection by-product formation during photolysis of chlorine in the presence of dissolved organic matter

Background: Senior, UW-Chemistry

Amy Frehner - Undergraduate Student

Project: Quantification of antibiotic resistance gene degradation during full-scale water and wastewater disinfection processes

Background: Junior, UW-CEE

Xuzhi (Mark) Fang - Undergraduate Student