UWB Pacific Data Workshop-October 13-14, 2004


All files are in Power Point, except for the Workshop Summary (Word)


Workshop Summary




Wednesday Oct. 13, 2004:

Yoshizumi Kajii/Shungo Kato, TMU (1.2 mb)

Dan Jaffe, UWB (1.0 mb)

Eric Prestbo, Frontier (4.0 mb)

Sarah Strode, UWS

Isaac Bertschi, UWB (2.2 mb)



Wednesday evening October 13th, 2004

Is this the real life….?   (wmv format, 15 mb but worth it!  Download to your own computer and play it there.)



Thursday October 14th, 2004:

Peter Weiss-Penzias, UWB (2.0 mb)

Akinori Takami, NIES (1.1 mb)

Matt Landis, EPA-ORD

Stacy Simonich, OSU

Toby Primbs, OSU

Don Martello, DOE-NETL