Dan Jaffe's Current Research Projects:

1)Photochemical Ozone Budget of the Eastern North Pacific Atmosphere "PHOBEA"

(Funded by the National Science Foundation)

Project Abstract

Link to PHOBEA homepage

Asian Pollution Transport to Washington State 

2)Identification of Sources and Long Term Trends for Pollutants in the Arctic Using Clustered Trajectory Analysis

(Funded by NOAA)

Project Abstract

3)Transport Pathways to Alaska from Potential Radionuclide Sites in the Former Soviet Union

(Funded by the State of Alaska)

See Final Project Report

4)Benzene and Carbon Monoxide as Air Pollutants in Fairbanks, Alaska

(Funded by the Research Corporation)

Project Abstract

5)Ozone Vertical Profile Measurements at Fairbanks, Alaska in Support of the Polaris Campaign

(Funded by NASA and NOAA)

Project Abstract

Project Data (April-October, 1997)

Link to the NASA-POLARIS home page:

Photochemistry of Ozone Loss in the Arctic Region in Summer