Lab Members


Spring 2013

Veronica Di Stilio, PhD.

Principal Investigator

Kelsey Galimba, Graduate student. Evolution of reproductive organ identity gene function

(B and C class) in the basal eudicot Thalictrum.


Valerie Soza, Post-doc. Evolution of breeding and pollination systems, genome size and ploidy (Thalictrum, Lepidium).

Undergraduate Researchers:

Jesus Martinez-Gomez, homeotic flower mutants.

Jens Jonhson, phylogenetic analysis.

Jonathan Yee: Ceratopteris richardii transgenics.




Past Lab Members

Post Docs

Corey Snelson- Currently a student in the Public Health Genetics program and intern in Environmental Health at the Health Department.

Christina Owen- Currently at the Gates Foundation


Patricia Salles. Research Scientist 2009-2010.
Virus-induced gene silencing (VIGS). Thalictrum phylogeny. Lab. management and undergraduate mentoring.

Currently a Master of Pharmaceutical Bioengineering student, UW.



Alessandra Sullivan (Oddone). Research Scientist 2008-2009. B, C and E class gene function in Thalictrum horticultural varieties and by VIGS. Lab. management and undergraduate mentoring. Currently a PhD student in Genome Sciences, UW.

Anjelique "Anjel" Schulfer, honors thesis and Mary Gates Fellow, Lab technician 2007-2010. Flower organ elaboration by a MYB transcription factor: conical cells, stigmatic papillae and pollination syndrome.

Currently a graduate student at the Sackler Institute of Graduate Biomedical Sciences at New York University.

Graduate Student Rotations


Myles Fenske. Characterization of the E class genes SEPALLATA.

Rachana Kumar. Viral induced gene silencing of phytoene desaturase in T. dioicum (Bendich lab).

Patty Montaño. Cloning of B class gene ortholog AP3-3 (Van Volkenburgh lab).

Kelsey Byers. B class genes in petaloid insect pollinated T. delavayi (Bradshaw lab).

Undergraduate Researchers

Huy Nguyen, Sean Schneider (UW Genome Sciences grad), Andrea Crosson, Caitlin Connelly (honors thesis and Mary Gates fellow, UW Genome Sciences grad), Melissa Horton (HHMI), Laura Eifford (honors thesis, Mary Gates fellow), Lisa Ching, Xuening Chen and YangBo (1-year rotation, Sizchuan University), Nora Kozlov, Brittany Ng, Parisa Aalami-Monelli, Viet-Nam Le Huynh, George Abeyta, Kacie McCarty (NASA-SURP), Nicole LaRue (HHMI, Mary Gates fellow), Theadora "Teddy" Tolkin (REU, graduate student in Biology at NYU), Theresa Pak, Sarah Choe, Erin Cote (Mary Gates fellow, honors thesis), Kendall Hayworth (NSF-REU), Max McDermott, Erin Coté (REU, Mary Gates, honors), Theresa Wang (REU, Mary Gates, honors).

ALVA-GenoM Program at UW


2014: Jonathan Yee, 2012: Jesús Martínez-Gómez, 2011: Luissana Gómez, 2010: Rebecca de Frattes, HS student. 2009: Nadya Ali (incoming freshman), 2007: Christean Jenkins (incoming freshman).


Choose Development Program (NSF) 2013-2015 Jesús Martínez-Gómez