The Rhetoric of HTML

These are teasers for chapters of an online "book" Writing With Images. They are unfinished and spare in the fashion of web-writing. Many of them are several years old, but they still receive some visitors.

  1. Satire:Two "classic" sites for satire: DadaNetCircus and Distorted Barblie.
    [For more on web satire, see Writing With Images, 5.3: Images in]
  2. Dada Photomontage and Hypertext Mapping:Imagemaps and perspectives on information
  3. Art and the Semiotics of Images: Three Questions About Visual Meaning.
    [For more on word/image in web writing, see Writing With Images, 1.5: Word-Image Chains
  4. Writing With Images: Towards a Semiotics of the Web. A much fuller and more systematic treatment of visual meanings.
George L. Dillon
University of Washington
July 2007