Key to Tables of Consonants
Most dialects of English have about 24 distinctive (phonemic) consonant sounds. Here their keywords are linked to Sun-style .au samples. Next to the IPA symbol (with US-variants first) are the symbols in four other "lower ascii" alphabets:(1)Sun, (2)IPA-ascii symbol (an alphabet for use on Usenet groups and email), (3)rsynth (in verbose mode), (4) SAMPA.

Blue shading indicates a voiced sound. Yellow shading means the sound is not phonemic. [hw] is commonly not phonemic and so might well be yellow shaded. (See the Phonological Atlas of North America)

[The audioplayer applet used on this page (and elsewhere) and sound clips are slow loading. Be patient, reload, and switch between the different classes for a minute or two. Nasals, with only three sounds, loads the quickest.]