syllabus: design methods for information science

From the catalog: Acquire theory, methods, and skills for design-based inquiry, focusing on making artifacts – technical, informational, managerial, or organizational – and devising courses of action that enable people to mobilize. Students develop knowledge for design in Information Science through practical application of design methods and scholarly investigation of selected literatures.

syllabus.pdf | reading-list.bib | reading-list.docx

Around 2009-10, I worked with faculty to write the course description for design methods: course-description.pdf

Around 2004-16, iSchool faculty thought “design methods” should not be an elective course. Then, after many years of conversation, the faculty changed course and decided to make it a required class for all doctoral students in the school, beginning around 2016. I think this is a good outcome because it signals broad support for the importance of design in the information field.