Welcome to the University of Washington Geomicrobiology Lab


Drew Gorman-Lewis

Research group

University of Washington

Interests: Geomicrobiology, Low Temperature Aqueous Geochemistry, Thermodynamics of Natural Systems, Astrobiology.

My research interests focus on understanding the chemistry of water-rock-microbe interactions. Considering these interactions from the perspective of the environment motivates investigations of natural and anthropogenic processes that influence biogeochemical cycles, mineral dissolution, and the movement of chemical species in the environment. Considering these interactions from the perspective of microbial life motivates investigations into the energetics and adaptations that allow  microbial life to flourish in extremely harsh chemical and physical environments. Understanding water-rock-microbe interactions on Earth will inform our search for life on other planets. I combine interdisciplinary techniques from microbiology, low temperature aqueous geochemistry, physical chemistry, and thermodynamic modeling to develop a quantitative understanding of the chemistry occurring at the hydrated interface of life and rocks.


Department of Earth and Space Sciences

University of Washington

Seattle WA 98195-1310

Phone: 206-543-3541

E-mail: dgormanl@uw.edu