Ginger Lab Equipment Sign Up Calendars

Equipment signup Policy:

To promote the efficient use of equipment, please stick to the time slots you signup for. If you are more than an hour late for your booked time, your reservation is forfeit. Any other group member may then use the instrument on a first-come-first serve basis and block out the time for themselves.

Group Facilities:

Asylum MFP-3D AFM

NanoInk NScriptor AFM

Thermal Evaporator

Inverted Microscope 1 (Andrea's single molecule, 532 nm laser)

Inverted Microscope 2 (for EFM, pcAFM)

Inverted Microscope 3 (Darkfield scattering, spectroscopy, TCSPC-TTTR-microscopy)

Big Optical Bench & Electronics  (PV/LED/PIA/IPE) (BAG 19b)

Small Optical Bench & Electronics  (PV) (CHB 217)

cw 405 nm Laser Diode (shared with Microscopes 1 and 2, needs to be booked separately)

Spin Coater (in CHB 217 )(sign up not required)

Glove Box (in CHB 217) (sign up not required)

Shared Glovebox/Evaporator in Bag 453 (contact Obadiah for google invitation)

External Facilities:

UW-NUF (AFM/SEM/e-beam)


updated 6/10/08 by David Ginger