Student Seminars in Nanoscience, Spring 2007
PAA A114

Weds 12:30-1:20


This goal of this CR/NC course is to broaden students' understanding of the interdisciplinary research in nanoscience taking place in different departments across the UW campus.  Perhaps just as importantly, it provides a friendly forum for student speakers to polish their presentation skills.

During a typical week, 2 graduate student speakers will present their work to the class in 15-20 minute talks (typically no more than 15-17 slides), though occasionally a single speaker will give a 50 minute presentation (e.g. to rehearse an interview talk, or a thesis defense).  Each talk is followed by a question and answer session, and each speaker also receives private feedback on speaking technique from the instructor.  The talks are recorded so the speaker has a chance to view themselves (always an uncomfortable experience, yet very useful to improve your public speaking).

Seminar Schedule

March 28: Welcome, overview, schedule.  Week one Seminar:  "How to avoid powerpoint poisoning: Guidelines for Successful Scientific Presentations" David Ginger

April 4 Talk 1: Aurelia Honerkamp-Smith  "Phase Transitions and Critical Exponents in Lipid Systems"

April 4 Talk 2: Robert Lorenz  "Microfluidic and Optical Systems for the On-Demand Generation and Fusion of Single Femtoliter Volume Aqueous Droplets" 

April 11: NO SEMINAR

April 18 Talk 1: Keiko Munechika "Antennas for Molecules: Plasmon Resonant Silver Nanoparticles" 

April 18 Talk 2: Brian Kidd "How does the protein change its shape? Predicting Alternative Structures in Allosteric Proteins"

April 25 Talk 1: Omid Veiseh "Nanotechnology and Cancer: A Multifunctional Nanoprobe for Medulloblastoma Diagnosis and Therapy"

April 25 Talk 2: Jeremy Cooper  "Fluorescent Imaging and Tracking of Single Molecular Motors"

May 2 Talk 1: Deanna Rodovsky "Doping Plastic Electronics: Ion-Pair Monomers in Chemically Fixed Light-Emitting Electrochemical Cells"

May 2 Talk 2: Kristin Wustholz "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Molecule, How I Wonder Why You Blink: Photophysics of Single Molecules in Crystals"

May 9 Talk 1: Aileen Wu  "Examining the Molecular Mechanisms behind Synaptogenesis Using Fluidic Tools"

May 9 Talk 2: Perry Schiro "Single-molecule microfluidic electrophoretic separation and nanoparticle manipulation"

May 16: Talk 1: Leslie Au  "Engineering Gold Nanocages for the Photothermal Therapy of Cancer"

May 16: Talk 2: Kevin Noone "Infrared Absorbing PbSe Nanocrystals for Solar Energy Applications" 

May 23: Leah Scanlin (40 minute talk): "How Bacteria use Nanostructures to Stick to your Bladder: Type I Fimbriae of E. Coli"

May 30 / Tentative:


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