Physics 541: Applications of Quantum Mechanics (Spring 2018)

Subhadeep Gupta, Department of Physics, University of Washington

Instructor: Subhadeep Gupta (
Lectures: Mondays and Wednesdays 7:00-8:50 pm, Rm A110 Phys/Astr Building (A-wing)
Office: B428 Phys/Astr Building (616-9649)
Office Hour: Wednesday 2-3 pm in B428 (or by appointment, please email)
TA: Shifeng Zhu (
Quantum Mechanics is a fascinating subject which constantly challenges us conceptually. Developed nearly a hundred years ago, this abstract formalism has successfully explained microscopic and macroscopic phenomena in nature, and is the essential framework over which all of modern physics (except gravity) is built. Quantum mechanics is crucial to modern technology - eg, the transistor, the laser, the international time standard.
We will follow Griffiths' text "Introduction to Quantum Mechanics" for the most part (see schedule). There will be some additional material which I will indicate. There will be 4 homework assignments through the quarter. You will also have to give one in-class presentation (see schedule) on a topic of your choice which has connections to material covered in this course. You will have to discuss your choice of topic with me beforehand and I can also provide suggestions as needed. There will also be an in-class final exam (see schedule).
Your grade for the course will be based on the three components: (1) homeworks, (2) in-class presentation, (3) final exam, with each component counting towards 1/3 of the final grade.

Course Schedule