Useful links for Phys 421

MIT OpenCourseWare AMO courses Part 1 and Part 2.

Additional useful textbooks
Elementary Atomic Structure by G.K.Woodgate
Physics of Atoms and Molecules by B.H.Bransden and C.J. Joachain.
Atom-Photon Interactions by Claude Cohen-Tannoudji, Jacques Dupont-Roc, and Gilbert Grynberg.
Atom Physics: An exploration through problems and solutions by Dmitry Budker, Derek F. Kimball, and David P. DeMille.

Atomic Physics Research at UW

Nobel Prizes in Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics:

Nobel 2018: Optical Tweezers and Ultra-short optical pulses

Nobel 2012: Measurement and Manipulation of Individual Quantum Systems

Nobel 2005: Optical Coherence and The Frequency Comb

Nobel 2001: Bose-Einstein condensation in dilute gases of alkali atoms

Nobel 1997: Laser Cooling and Trapping

Nobel 1989: Separated Oscillatory Fields (Maser, Clock); Ion Trap technique

Nobel 1981: Laser Spectroscopy and Electron Spectroscopy

Nobel 1971: Holographic Method

Nobel 1966: Optical Pumping

Nobel 1964: Lasers, Quantum Electronics

Nobel 1955: Fine Structure of H (Lamb Shift), Electron magnetic moment

Nobel 1944: Rabi resonance method

Cooling Atoms and BEC (Simplified explanations with cartoons and gaming-University of Colorado website)