Deanna M. Kennedy

Assistant Professor
School of Business

Upcoming/Recent Activities

I will be speaking at the upcoming Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME) conference in Seattle, WA. The session is Gender Equality in the Curriculum session and will focus on the resources advancements brought about by the Working Group on Gender Equality. The 1st North American PRME Regional Meeting. PRME Regional Meeting is being hosted by UW Bothell taking place Oct 10-11, 2014 in Seattle, WA.

I recently attended the Enduring Legacies Native Cases Insitute on August 24-26, 2014 hosted by Barbara Smith from The Evergree State College. Over three days we explored teaching and creating Native Cases for the classroom - I especially liked the case titled The Twilight Saga and the Quileute Indian Tribe: Opportunity or Cultural Exploitation?. Evergreen has a wonderful repository of Native Case Studies that can be searched to find relevant cases.

New Diversity and Inclusion Projects

The T-E-N Project. T-E-N is a developing partnership between the University of Washington Bothell and Indian peoples within the Northwest to provide culturally-relevant, innovative curricula for tribal members preparing for, and beginning, their college-level studies. The T-E-N project will 1) enhance the research of the fellows who will explore pedagogical and educational best practices; 2) benefit tribes through tribal youth development; and 3) contribute to UW student learning through meaningful projects involving case designs, technology/media development, and opportunities to work with tribal mentors and educators.

The Native American Business MBA Project. Working on a proposal for an MBA offered to native and non-native students that will lead to smarter business managers with the potential to advance their professional careers at native and non-native companies, promote local and global economic development activities by setting higher social and educational standards in the community, and provide business acumen to tribe and community leadership positions. The investment and partnership between UWB and Muckleshoot to offer the MBA will (1) enable convenient access for business graduate students that work near the Muckleshoot Tribal College, (2) facilitate access to the American Indian business network across tribes, (3) support on-site preparation, retention, monitoring and intervention of potential and current students to improve and foster the American Indian business graduate student development, and (4), provide evaluation and on-going development of better, innovative, and culturally relevant content for the American Indian business graduate students.

Repository Developer,PRME Gender Equality Working Group Global Repository “Operations Management”, archived at the WikiSpace for The Gender Equality Resource Repository here (released June 5, 2012), Group Co-Facilitators Patricia M. Flynn & Maureen Kilgour.

Refereed Journal Publications

Verbos, A.K., Gladstone, J. & Kennedy, D.M. 2011. Native American values and management education: Envisioning an inclusive virtuous circle. Journal of Management Education, 35(1), 10-26. DOI: 10.1177/1052562910384364.

Verbos, A.K., Kennedy, D.M. & Gladstone, J. 2011. Coyote was walking… Management Education in “Indian Time.” Journal of Management Education, 35(1), 27-50. DOI: 10.1177/1052562910384368.

Conference Proceedings

Stewart, D., Verbos, A., Gladstone, J., Kennedy, D. & Sommer, A. 2012. Sustainability through inductive and reflective pedagogy: Contemporary application of Native American story-telling, Proceedings of the OBTC Conference 2012, Brock University, June 20-23, 2012.

Verbos, A.K., Little Chief Bryan, L., Gladstone, J., Kennedy, D., Stewart, D. 2010. Hidden elephants: A dialogue to engage difference and create connection through American Indian values. Proceedings of the OBTC Conference 2010, University of New Mexico, June 16-19, 2010.

Conference Activities

Verbos, A. K. (Chair and Organizer), Kennedy, D.M., Adams, S., Humphries, M. T., & Kilgour, M. (Presenters). The power of "Her": PRME'ing gender equity in the classroom. Presented at the TLC@AOM, to be held August 3, 2014, Philadelphia, PA.

Gladstone, J. (caucus organizer), Verbos, A.K. (facilitator), Kennedy, D.M. (participant), Spiller, C. (participant), Stewart, D. (participant), Stone-Romero, E.F. (participant), James, K. (participant), “The pocket entrepreneurs: Caucus for native and indigenous peoples research, teaching, and advocacy.” A caucus at the Academy of Management Conference, Boston, MA on August 3-7, 2012.

Verbos, A.K., Kennedy, D.M. Gladstone, J. & Stewart, D. (professional development workshop) Creating Timeless Stories for Management Education: An Application of Native American Inductive, Reflective Learning Methods. A PDW sponsored by the Diversity & Inclusion Theme Committee at the Academy of Management for the Annual Conference, Boston, MA. August 3-7, 2012.

Verbos, A.K., Gladstone, J. & Kennedy, D.M. Native American cultural influences on career self-schemas and MBA aspirations. Presented at the 2009 Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, Chicago, IL. August 7-11, 2009.