Deanna M. Kennedy

Assistant Professor
School of Business

New Publications.

Kennedy, D.M., McComb, S.A. When Teams Shift among Processes: Insights from Simulation and Optimization. Journal of Applied Psychology. DOI: 10.1037/a0037339 Available at the Journal of Applied Psychology Online First Website .

Something cool.

An Agent-Based Model of Project Management (be patient, it starts with setting the parameters).

Want to know more? This model produced the results for: Drury-Grogan, M. L., Kennedy, D.M. 2013. Highlighting communication activities and inefficiencies between agile vs. waterfall methods: An agent based model of knowledge sharing. Proceedings of the Pre-ICIS Workshop on IT Project Management, Milan, Italy (December 14, 2013).

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I won an award! The Friends of INGRoup award presented at the 2014 conference recognizes a person 1) who has been a steadfast supporter of INGRoup; and 2) whose support has been critical to the growth and development of the organization. INGRoup award photo Check out INGRoup

Sharing Resources.

Are you trying to graph a moderated relationship? Here is an Excel spreadsheet for that. The sheet walks you through graphing a continuous moderator or binary moderator based on the interaction equation from Aiken and West (1991).

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