SOC 240  Social Problems  Spring 2001  Brewer

Discussion and homework questions for week 5

For each reading assignment, please write a paragraph in response to those questions with an asterisk (*). Turn in your paragraph at the beginning of class on the day we discuss that reading assignment. Your homework should be typed or legibly handwritten. Make sure you put your name, date, course number, and the reading assignment on your homework. Each assignment is due at the beginning of class.

Lenski (due Monday, February 26)

*1. Give an overview of the degrees of economic and political stratification that existed in Marxist societies. How does these seem to compare with stratification found in North America and western Europe?

2. In Marxist societies, do people strive to increase their status (social, economic, and political)? Support your answer with examples.

Yunus (due Wednesday, February 28)

*1. How does the Grameen Bank resemble other strategies primates use to climb in status?

2. Based on the evidence Yunus describes, how confident can we be that the bank was the factor lifting members out of poverty?

3. What do you think the future of the Grameen Bank will be? Why?