SOC 240  Social Problems  Spring 2001  Brewer

Discussion and homework questions for week 11

For each reading assignment, please write a paragraph in response to those questions with an asterisk (*). Turn in your paragraph at the beginning of class on the day we discuss that reading assignment. Your homework should be typed or legibly handwritten. Make sure you put your name, date, course number, and the reading assignment on your homework. Each assignment is due at the beginning of class.

Due: Wednesday, April 18


*1. Describe the practice among the Luo people in Kenya that serves to spread HIV within families and clans.

2. How might interventions to raise women's status (e.g., increased educational opportunities) have an impact on the HIV epidemic in many African countries?

Potterat, Muth, & Muth

1. Describe the purpose and process of contact tracing/partner notification.

*2. Why wasn't contact tracing vigorously applied to HIV/AIDS when the epidemic took hold in the U.S.?