BLS 315A  Understanding Statistics
Fall 2000  UW-Bothell

Instructor: Devon Brewer

You can obtain overheads, some handouts, and other course materials for this course by following the links below.



Purposes of statistics, introductory concepts

Research methods & design, scales of measurement

Frequency distributions

Displaying univariate data

Measures of central tendency, distribution shapes

Measures of dispersion

Normal distribution

Bivariate relationships: categorical data

Bivariate relationships: regression and correlation

Time series

Probability (parts 1 & 2)

Sampling distributions

Confidence intervals

Significance testing


Multivariate analysis

Homework Assignments

Homework #1

Homework #2

Homework #3

Homework #4

Homework #5

Homework #6

Homework #7

Homework #8

Extra Credit

Media reports

Data analysis project and paper

Web tools for demonstrations and data analysis

Survey Documentation and Analysis

WebStat 2.0

Mean, median, and standard deviation demonstration

Comparing interval scale distributions

Normal distribution - varying s.d.

Regression demo 1 (Regression by Eye)

Regession demo 2 (Regression Applet)

Regression demo 3 (Put Points)

Correlation demo 1 (West's version of Marden's Applet)

Correlation demo 2 (Scatter, Correlation, and Regression)

Correlation demo 3 (Correlation coefficient)

Influence of restricted range on correlation


Relative frequency probability - dice

Relative frequency probability - coin tosses

Sampling distributions

Confidence interval for a mean

Confidence interval for a proportion

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