General Information

The physics department's advanced instructional laboratories are located on the 2nd floor of the B wing of the Physics/Astronomy Building. They are used for teaching experimental physics in the areas of electronics, optics, condensed matter physics, atomic physics, nuclear and particle physics, and the use of computers in physics.

Advanced Laboratory Courses

The links below will take you to the current (or most recent) course pages.

Physics 331 - Optics Laboratory

Physics 334 - Electric Circuits Laboratory I - Analog

Physics 335 - Electric Circuits Laboratory II - Digital

Physics 431 - Modern Physics Laboratory - Condensed Matter Physics

Physics 432 - Modern Physics Laboratory - Atomic and Molecular Physics

Physics 433 - Modern Physics Laboratory - Nuclear and Particle Physics

Physics 434 - Application of Computers to Physical Measurement

Lab Personnel

Lab Manager:
David B. Pengra
Room B256
Physics/Astronomy Building
Box 351560

Program Operations Specialist/Building Services Coordinator:
Jason Alferness
Room B256
Physics/Astronomy Building
Box 351560

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