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Niel Chauhan
Zachary Horvitz
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M. Patricia Morse

Tom's Picture Tom Daniel

Tom holds Joan and Richard Komen Endowed Chair. He received his PhD at Duke Biology and was the Bantrell Postdoctoral Fellow in Engineering Sciences at Caltech until 1984 when he joined the University of Washington and has been here ever since. He is the proud recipient of the University of Washington 1989 Distinguished Teaching Award and the 2001 Distinguished Graduate Mentor Award as well as being named a MacArthur Fellow.
His short bio is here.
Trish Morse

Following a distinguished career studying bivalve heart-kidney complex and the bizarre world of tiny meiofauna, Trish now is an honorary lab member, connecting young scientists to best and brightest all over the world! She is the past president of the SICB, Sigma Xi and a prior Program Director at the National Science Foundation. Her interests include education at all levels, from K-12 to undergraduates, graduate students and postdocs (and a few professors too)..
Simon Sponberg
Simon completed his Ph.D. at UC Berkeley in the Full lab where he worked on the motor control of insect locomotion and on antennal sensing. He is currently studying the control and dynamics of hawkmoth flight with a focus on wing steering muscles.
Simon's home page
Jonathan Dyhr
is a postdoc in the lab focussing on combining control theory and sensory biology in moth flight. He came to the UW with a doctoral degree in insect neurobiology from the University of Arizona where he worked with Chuck Higgins on visual control of flight paths in bees. He will be working with Kriti Morgansen and members of our lab on a new MURI grant awarded to the team.

Yonatan Munk
is a postdoc in the lab. He came to the UW from UC Berkeley where he worked with Mimi Koehl and Robert Dudley on the aerodynamics of gliding wingless ants (The Descent of Ant). He has come to the lab with an eye towards multimodal integration, with an interest in control policies for obstacle navigation by Manduca. He has built a flight simulator that only a moth could love.
Yonatan's home page
Bing Brunton
is a postdoc in the lab. She completed her PhD in the Brody lab at Princeton University where she combined experimental and theoretical approaches to decision making in mammalian nervous systems. She is now expanding on that work through collaboration on projects seeking to reveal decision making and control policies in flying insects.Bing's home page
Eatai Roth
is a postdoc in the lab. He completed his PhD in the Cowan lab in Mechanical Engineering at Johns Hopkins Univeristy where he focussed on control algorithms and system identification methods for sensorimotor processing weakly electric fish. Eatai is now focussing on control of sensing/actuators (or actuating/sensors) in flying insects with an eye for inspiration of robotic flight systems.Eatai's home page
Alison Mehravari
is a graduate student in Neurobiology Program completing a thesis on language processing in the Osterhaut lab. She is serving at the Program Coordinator for serveral new grants and initiatives associated with the lab.
Sharri Zamore
is a graduate student in the Neurobiology and Behavior Program. Sharri came to the UW from Cornell University. With Adrienne Fairhall as her primary co-advisor she is working in the lab on sensory processing during flight in complex turbulent structures.
Brad Dickerson
is a graduate student in the Biology Department. Brad came to the UW from Swarthmore where he worked with Rachel Merz and the University North Carolina Chappel Hill where he worked with Ty Hedrick on moth antennal sensing. He is currently focussing on inertial sensory systems in Manduca sexta. Brad's home page
Eric Octavio Campos
is a graduate student in the Department of Biology. He came ot the UW with a Bachelor's degree in Biology from UC Berkeley where he worked with Roy Caldwell on stomatopod locomotion. He is now focussing on the interactions between floral form and behavioral choice in Manduca.
Annika Eberle
is a graduate student in Mechanical Engineering doing a rotation in the Daniel lab on a project involving finite element models that couple fluid dynamic and intertial loads to elastic deformations of structures (such as antennae or sections of wings). She has completed the first fluid-solid coupled simulation for wings in the lab.

Robert Hall
recently graduated with a major in Biology at the UW. He is working with Simon Sponberg and Jon Dyhr on free flight behavior in Manduca during floral tracking and wide-field visual stimulus motions. He is also working with Dr. Eric Chudler on projects involving the development of neurobiology preparations for precollege curricula

Elischa Sanders
recently graduated with a major in Biiology at the UW. He is working with Brad Dickerson on sensorimotor control of flight and is overseeing development of a multisite electrode systems for recording multiple signals associated with strain sensing in wings and ultimately feature detection methods. He is also working with Dr. Eric Chudler on projects involving the development of neurobiology preparations for precollege curricula

Justin Thompson
is a postbaccaluareate Mathematics major and an inaugural member of the CSNE Research Experiences for Veterans in University Projects (REV-UP) program. He is working with Bing Brunton on sparse sensing algorithms, with a focus on developing efficient code for distinguishing difference among data sets (images, sounds) with minimum information.

Darren Howell
is a postbaccaluareate Neurobiology major and is working on the physiology of inertial sensory processes in Manduca. He is collaborating with Jon Dyhr on multisite electrode recordings of motor control and sensory information provided by abdominal motions during flight.

Grady Williams
is an postbaccaluareate Mathematics major at the UW. He is working with Eric Rombokas on a combination of algorithms for navigation and decision making in complex environments. He has a particular interest in applying his skills with GPU programming to problems invovling fast solutions to trajectory planning problems.

Bilkit (Kit) Githinji
is an undergraduate student in Electrical Engineering. She is participating in the Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering Summer REU program and is working with Yonatan Munk on the neural basis of decision making in both human and insect neural systems. Using virtual reality systems, kit is focussing on generating large comparative data sets of decisions about navigation in virtual environments..

Nate Berry
is an undergraduate student in the Biology Department. He is working with Octavio Campos on plant-pollinator interactions using 3D printed flowers. He is also assisting Sharri Zamore on motion tracking for possible thermal plume tracking by mosquitoes.

Niel Chauhan
attends University Prep and is a high school summer intern student working with Jon Dyhr and Robert Hall on sensorimotor control of insect flight. He is focussing on closed loop control dynamics for insect feeding from robotically actuated flowers.

Jane Woods
attends Roosevelt High School is a summer intern student and a partipant in the CSNE Young Scholars Prorgram working with Brad Dickerson and Elischa Sanders on sensorimotor information processing in flight control of Manduca.

Luca Scheuer
attends Lakeside School and is a high school summer intern student working with Jon Dyhr on a biologically inspired flying robot. He is focussing on a robot that has an actuated mass as part of the flight control system.

Zacharay Horvitz
attends Lakeside School and is a high school summer intern student working with Yonaton Munk on developing code motion tracking of hawkmoth abdominal motions. They will be deploying this system on a closed-loop flight arena to establish multi-axis motion control in tethered hawkmoths.

Marissa Dominguez
attends Cleveland High School and is a summer intern student working with Justin Thompson on an Intel supported research project that explores multimodal sensory information processing for computer interaction with EMG and depth camera data,

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