Environmental metagenomics in biogeochemical cycling

  • Probing the role of methane consumers in the natural environment
  • Community dynamics in fresh water sediments
  • Nitrogen metabolism

Collaborators: Lidstrom Lab including Mary Lidstrom, Mila Chistoserdova, Marina Kalyuzhnaya


Oral microbial communities and their role in disease

  • Proteomics of model oral microbial communities
  • Transcriptomics of model oral microbial communities
  • Methods development for proteomics of microbial communities

Collaborators: Hackett Lab & Center for Microbial Proteomics


Metagenomics of green building microbiome

  • Longitudinal study of the microbial (bacterial / fungal) colonization of  surface & air of Green building
  • Occupant tracking and correlation with microbiome
  • Occupant behavior modification in response to Green building environment

Collaborators: Meschke LabBurpee Group


Wastewater treatment plant microbiome

  • Probing the bacterial & viral communities of anaerobic digesters
  • Virome analysis of acetoclastic methanogens

Collaborators: Meschke LabHeidi GoughJohn Ferguson


Funding: Department of Energy, National Institutes of Health, National Science FoundationBullitt FoundationUniversity of Washington Royalty Research Fund