Participants needed - brain imaging study

Participants needed for University of Washington study of auditory brain function run by Dr. Christopher Stecker, Dept. of Speech & Hearing Sciences. Participation will require you to perform simple auditory or visual tasks (for example, detecting changes in an image or sound) in the laboratory and, after that, in an MRI scanner while researchers collect images of your brain activity. Sessions last 1-2 hours. Voluntary participation may last for one or several sessions.

To participate you must be 18 years of age or older, have either (a) normal hearing or (b) mild to moderate bilateral sensorineural hearing loss, have no neurological impairments, and no metal objects in or on the body during the scan.  Participants will be paid $15/hr.

If interested, please contact Dr. Stecker at

206-543-7561 or 206-221-3847


cstecker <at>

(note that confidentiality of information sent by email cannot be guaranteed)