Associate Professor of Political ScienceCParker
University of Washington

Chris Parker (Ph.D., University of Chicago, 2001) is an associate professor in the
Department of Political Science atthe University of Washington. The bulk of his research
takes a behavioral approach to historical events. More specifically, he brings survey data
to bear on questions of historical import. His first book, Fighting for Democracy:
Black Veterans and the Struggle Against White Supremacy in the
Postwar South
(Princeton University Press, 2009), takes a fresh approach to the
civil rights movement by gauging the extent to which black veterans contributed to social
change. A second book, now underway and using data collected in 1968, examines the
ideological and sociological origins of what has come to be known as the urban crisis of
the 1960s. In short, it examines the micro-foundations of the disturbances that swept
America in the late 1960s. A Robert Wood Johnson Scholar (2005-07), he has published
in the Journal of Politics, International Security, Political Research
and the Du Bois Review.

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