Cossairt Laboratory

University of Washington, Department of Chemistry


We are a synthetic inorganic chemistry group focused on building up molecules and materials for targeted applications in light harvesting and catalysis. Using the tools and methods of inorganic and main-group synthesis we are preparing new III-V nanostructures and clusters and designing bifunctional electrocatalyst-nanoparticle composites. Along the way we are preparing new molecular precursors, creating new synthetic methodologies, exploring complex reaction mechanisms, and developing a complete toolbox for tailoring nanoparticle surfaces. A diverse array of characterization techniques including optical spectroscopy, electrochemistry, NMR (VT, 2D, multinuclear, solid state), electron microscopy, and X-ray diffraction allow us to analyze our new compounds and direct future synthetic strategies. More details on the different project directions are available on the Research section of the website.

** Opportunities may be available for interested graduate students and undergraduates, and postdoctoral researchers. Please email inquiries along with a CV to Professor Cossairt.

*** Check out our facebook page on Synthetic Inorganic Chemistry