Q SCI 482 , Autumn 2002
Statistical Inference in Applied Research I

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Instructor: Prof. Loveday L. Conquest. TAs: Maureen Kennedy [mkenn@u], Todd Malinick [malinick@u]
Office: NewFisheries 116N, Main Floor Director's Suite, 1122 NE Boat St
Office Hours: NOTE: TO BE HELD IN MARY GATES HALL 091. Tentatively W 10-12, Thurs 11-1, Fri 9-3.
Email: conquest@u.washington.edu. mkenn@u, malinick@u
Telephone: 206-221-7966

Meeting Times and Locations

MW 4:30-6:50, Mechanical Engr. Bldg 246


NOTE: we will likely change classrooms soon to accommodate the increased size of the class.

Send mail to: conquest@u.washington.edu
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