QSCI 482, Autumn 2002
Statistical Inference for Applied Research I

 Instructor: Dr. Loveday L. Conquest  (LLC) (conquest@u.washington.edu)

TAs: Maureen Kennedy (mkenn@u.washington.edu), Todd Malinick (malinick@u.washington.edu), Karma Norman (kcnorman@u.washington.edu)

LLC Office: 116N, Director’s Suite, New Fisheries Science Bldg (1122 NE Boat St.), phone 221-7966

LLC Office Hours: available via e-mail and by appointment

TA Office: 091 Mary Gates Hall (basement, southeast side of building).

TA Office Hours: available via e-mail and by appointment (extra hours before exams)
Wednesdays 10-12
Thursdays 11-3
Fridays 9-5 (2-5pm: if not in 091 then in the MGH commons)

Class Location and Times: Mary Gates Hall 389, MW 4:30-6:50 (Note: no class Monday Nov. 11 and Wed. Nov 27)

Course Evaluation:  3 exams; open book, notes and calculator required

                                      Homework (total homework grade counts as 25% of total grade

Grades:         Percentages              Minimum Grades

                        95-100                        3.7-4.0

91-94                                                    3.4-3.6

85-90                                                    3.0-3.3

80-84                                                    2.7-2.9

76-79                                                    2.4-2.6

70-75                                                    2.0-2.3

65-69                                                    1.7-1.9


Textbook: Zar, J.H. 1999. Biostatistical Analysis, 4th Edition, Prentice Hall.


Lecture Notes: Available at the “AVE” Copy Center. 4141 University Way NE, 633-1837. Open 8-midnight weekdays, 10-7 weekends.


Prerequisites: Any introductory statistics course (or equivalent experience); working knowledge of Chapters 1-5 in Zar and basic probability distributions.


Policies: Exam conflicts – prior permission and arrangements.

               Late homeworks – no credit without prior arrangements.


Computing: SPSS for Windows (available in the MGH PC Lab, FISH PC Lab).
SPSS Lab sheet


Office Hours for Last Exam:
Wednesday, Dec. 11: 2:00-4:20 pm MGH 297
Thursday, Dec. 12: 9:30-4:20 pm MGH 091 unless posted otherwise


Send mail to: conquest@u.washington.edu
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