Nanodevice Physics Lab Funding

Department of Physics
University of Washington

WA 98195-1560

Lab: Phys/Astr B308
Tel: (206) 543 0435
Fax: (206) 616 2774

Army Research Office

56073-PH (April 09 -)  PI: Cobden
Correlated-electron devices on the surface of vanadium dioxide. Abstract

48385-PH (July 05 - March 09)  PI: Cobden
Mesoscopic effects of metal-insulator transition in vanadium oxide nanowires


NSF Division of Materials Research

DMR 0907690 (June 09 -)  PI: Vilches, co-PI: Cobden
Matter Adsorbed on Nanoscale Devices. Abstract

DMR 0606078  (June 06 - September 09)  PI: Vilches, co-PI: Cobden
One-dimensional and two-dimensional adsorbate systems on single walled carbon nanotubes

IGERT Nanotechnology fellowship program


DoE Basic Energy Sciences

DE-SC0002197 (July 09 -)  PI: Cobden, co-PI: Raschke
Intrinsic properties of correlated materials derived from combined nanoscale transport and ultrafast spatiotemporal imaging experiments. Abstract


ACS Petroleum Research Fund

PRF 44249-AC 5 (Jan 06 - Aug 08)  PI: Cobden
Fundamental aspects of adsorption on individual carbon nanotubes


University of Washington

Royalty Research Fund                   UIF fellowships